iCO® Water Mist Systems

Reliable and effective fire protection for homes and residential properties.


Water Mist Fire Sprinkler System Installation for Homes

We design, install and maintain iCO® Fire Suppression Systems for homes and residential properties in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


Our industry leading water mist systems are reliable, highly effective and manufactured in the UK by iCO® Products. 


Certified iCO Water Mist Installer

MKB Fire is proud to be a certified installer of the iCO® fire suppression system. iCO® is a revolutionary fire sprinkler system, offering reliable and comprehensive fire protection.


We are certified by iCO to design and install fire suppression systems for homes, residential properties and new build projects. We will handle all aspects of your installation, including initial survey, design, fitting, testing and system maintenance.


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The Next Generation Fire Sprinkler System



Traditional fire sprinklers systems are expensive, obtrusive and cause excess water damage in the event of a fire. The iCO® water mist system offers a more cost efficient and sustainable alternative.

The iCO® water mist system is designed specifically for homes and residential properties such as apartments, blocks of flats, care homes and student accommodation.


Operating independently, and using 80% less water than traditional fire sprinkler systems, our discreet nozzles cause much less water damage in the event of a fire, whilst providing real time alerts to notify the owner.

Discreet Water Mist Nozzles



The iCO® easy-fit fire mist nozzles are extremely low profile,

sitting just 3mm below the ceiling they are the most discreet on the market. They can be colour matched to any colour using the RAL colour code system.


In the event of a fire the iCO® system will discharge a calculated amount of water mist from the nearest nozzle, suppressing the fire efficiently without causing excess water damage.


The iCO® water misting nozzles are situated in the ceiling of a room - attacking the fire from above without obstruction from furniture. By using very small droplets of water as a fine mist, the system quickly reduces the harmful smoke and toxic gases caused by a fire.

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Compact Fire Suppression System Pump


The sleek iCO® pump unit connects directly to the main water supply, providing effective and comprehensive fire suppression, without the need for a large water tank. It will fit in most kitchen cupboards or can be wall mounted if preferred.


All system components are integrated and housed within the pump unit: meaning no untidy valves or hoses.


The iCO® pump unit is comprised of steel: protecting it from fire and mechanical damage to provide your home with effective, long lasting suppression in the event of a fire.

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